The Moldova Citizenship Program

Moldova is one of the lesser known Baltic countries, and officially known as the Republic of Moldova, is named after the Moldova River.

Moldova’s Citizenship By Investment (MBCI) Program was launched in 2018, but is not yet open to investors. We have had many clients asking about the program, as well as that of Montenegro, and as such are including the information.


International relations between Moldova and the EU are currently shaped by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), an EU foreign policy instrument dealing with countries bordering its member states. Moldova is not yet an EU member, however, the EU is developing an increasingly close relationship with the country, which goes beyond cooperation, and aims at gradual economic integration and a deepening of political cooperation. The EU has opened an office in Chişinău (the Moldovan capital). On 24 January 2011 Moldova officially received an "action plan" toward the establishment of a visa-free regime for short-stay travel from the EU's Internal Affairs Commissioner (for source click here). Moldova gained independence in 1991 and became a member of the UN in 1992.

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Moldova is ranked 3rd in the world for best internet speed.


Romanian (Also Russian, English and French)




Leu (MDL)


3.35 million (2017 est.)


33,846 km2 (13,068 sq mi)



Investment requirements

In order to qualify for the Moldova citizenship by investment program, the following must be met: 

1. A minimum non-refundable contribution must be paid to the Public Investment Fund:

EUR 100 000 for a single applicant

EUR 115 000 for a main applicant and spouse

EUR 145 000 for a family of 4 members

EUR 155 000 for a family of 5 members or more


Government Service Fee: EUR 35 000 per application

2. Due diligence and Government Fees

Due Diligence Fees:

EUR 6000 - main applicant

EUR 5000 - spouse

EUR 5000 - dependent children/parents

Government Fees:

EUR 5000 - main applicant

EUR 2500 - spouse

EUR 1000 - 2500 - dependent children (varies with age)

EUR 5000 - dependent parents over 55

Other fees such as passport, bank transfers, courier and application fees are additional.

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Visa free travel to 122 countries including: Schengen countries, Russia and Turkey.

Dual Citizenship allowed.

Expected application processing time is 3 months.

Citizenship is transferable to descendants.

No minimum physical residency required prior, during or after citizenship.