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The United Kingdom has seen some of the strongest growth trends since the crash of 2008. London's property prices have skyrocketed and despite Brexit remains a market with strong demand. 

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Berlin currently offers some of the most undervalued property in Europe. At 30% of the cost per square meter compared to London, Berlin is set on an exciting growth trajectory.

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Malta is an attractive destination for investors due to its Mediterranean location, and its reputation as a stable and secure jurisdiction.

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For skiers, hikers and mountain bikers alike, Austria has incredible mountains that come with spectacular real estate. Invest in a beautiful ski chalet in the famous Kitzbuehler Alps. 

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Given the shifts in the South African economy, we have noticed a notable increase in clients looking for attractive real estate and investment opportunities abroad over the past year. Investors are looking to build their international real estate portfolios. 

This division is not a mass product offering but rather a bespoke service to private clients looking to invest overseas. We have carefully selected specific cities and countries that we believe offer attractive growth and stability. There will be a limited number of units available and we will only offer projects that we believe add value. 


Our focus is on international independence and building your international property portfolio for the long term. That means we are not looking for the quick sale but rather to help you diversify and establish a strong portfolio. 

When your properties do well, we do well.


Our Services

Focused, select, global property opportunities

Experienced team of professionals

Full service global real estate investment company

Sourcing properties in key markets

Offering investors access to diversify their investment portfolio through international real estate

End to end service including property management, assistance with exchange control and concierge travel arrangements

Why Invest in International
Real Estate

International independence through real estate

Diversify investment portfolio

Diversify and hedge against currency 

Invest in first world markets

Economic and political stability 

Balanced portfolio between local and international

Lower global interest rates

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